Don’t Call it Hamburger Pie

27 06 2011

S. is off to Richmond to watch the Oscar’s with someone more entertaining and concerned about such things than I.  Whenever S. leaves town, it affords me the opportunity to eat a dinner from my childhood.   I never really questioned the things I ate as a kid, but now I look back and think “the horror, the horror.”  It’s not that the stuff was that bad, it’s just that I’m much more snobby about such things now.  Casseroles?  Psshaw!

So, in honor of the Oscars, I’m cooking up the Best Supporting Dinner throughout much of my adolescence.  Hamburger Casserole!  I’m using all store-brand ingredients to maintain the spirit of the original dish.  But because of my aforementioned budding snobbery, I’m making some upgrades.  First and foremost:  ground bison instead of ground chuck.  All you have to do is brown the bison with some onion.  I’ve decided to add some minced garlic and (what goes perfect with bison?) fresh rosemary.

While that’s cooking there are two other jobs.  First, you have to unroll crescent roll dough and line a baking dish, like a pie crust.  An important note:  remember the corner where you ended up with too much dough and had to double up.  That corner is the best corner.   The other job is that you have to shred two cups of cheese.

You then need to whisk an egg with one cup of the cheese and spread it across the bottom of crescent roll dough.  It looks terrible, and I’m not sure what purpose it serves, but I shall not deviate from the plan.

a bad picture born from a bad idea

After the bison is browned (which is also the title of my new book), you need to mix in a can of tomato sauce.  When that is warmed through, you’ve basically made spaghetti, so it smells pretty good.  Dump that into the baking dish and cover with the rest of the cheese.  325 degree for 25 minutes.  Casserole!

What, you may ask, would one serve in addition to this main course.  Well, I grew up hating most vegetables.  This is nostalgia food, so in honor of nostalgia, I will eat no vegetables with this!

How did it taste?  Quite good, actually.  The rosemary definitely added to the meal, but it was sort of like eating meat sauce on top of crescent rolls.  But, hey, that sounds delicious.




One response

29 06 2011

you crack me up!!! nothing like nostalgic foods, but I just can’t imagine eating hamburger casserole… even if it was upgraded to bison rosemary casserole. Good work.

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