Break Mom-Glass in case of an emergency

8 12 2009

There are just some things you don’t mess with.  The chance to eat mom-pie is one of them.  That is pie made by mom, not pie made of mom.  She has made the same pies for as long as I can remember, and since The-Great-Escape-from-Kansas-Part-Deux, I have not had even a bit of one of those pies.  But this was the year.  The stars aligned, and mom was sad enough about eating last year’s Thanksgiving meal at Famous Dave’s that she organized a mass exodus of the Midwest for a reunion in Michigan.

So, I apologize for forsaking you, Easy Bake Coven, but there was mom-pie involved.

We made three pies this year: pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and the Big Cheese – chocolate chip pecan pie.

I think the simplicity of those three pies is part of their goodness.  No fancy tricks.  See those crusts?  Those are mom-crusts.  Just the right amount of ice water and not too much sugar.  There’s nothing worse than an overly dense, sugary pie crust.  Ok, there are a few worse things, but in the world of mom-pies, this is a bad thing, a very bad thing.

And the fillings.  It’s pumpkin puree and spices.  It’s cherries and sugar and cornstarch.  And then there’s that pie that causes fights.  It’s about a lot of things.  A gooey center.  Pecans.  But mostly that chocolately layer at the bottom.  And all the recipes come from cookbooks that almost certainly are older than you.

In the grand tradition of making E work with the ingredients he likes the least, he was on cherry pie slurry duty.  I attempted to not screw up the pumpkin pie, and we left the tricky parts to mom.  After all, I promised to do this blog post in exchange for mom-pies.  Our job was to cause the least amount of damage in order to ensure good mom-pie results.

That’s a little dough car on the pumpkin pie.  Not a crab.  Not a lobster.  Not a turtle.  It’s a car.  It’s creative.  Like it.  And that was about as creative as we got.  Because mom-pies are about sticking to what works for 20 years.  You can save the creativity and fancy pants recipes for the other 51 weeks out of the year.

That’ll do, mom.  That’ll do.




2 responses

11 12 2009

I am sad to say that she did not get her pie making skill from me. She learned it all by herself. And, although I can muddle through, I never try when she is lurking!

Loved that car!!!!

11 12 2009

Had to teach myself also. My children always remind me of the early years when balls of crust were hurled at the trash can and whole, delicious pies were slid into the trash because they “just didn’t look right”. Now I can whip out a pie crust in under 5 minutes that melts in your mouth. It takes age my dear cousin…..snow on the rooftop.

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